~ change is in your hands ~
~ change is in your hands ~

Welcome to your ReAwakening...

"You are just one Being in an infinite Universe and an infinite Universe in just one Being" ~ Belinda Pestana


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Breakthrough Programs designed to accelerate conscious awareness & spiritual wellbeing

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Thanks for visiting!   So why are you here?!? 

  • Do you feel lost and disconnected because you are yearning for a sense of purpose or something more meaningful in your life?  
  • Would you like to discover your ‘true self’ and become the person you’ve always wanted to be?
  • Do you desire a healthier, more balanced and stress-less lifestyle?
  • Are you fed up with anxieties, fears, phobias, bad habits or other emotional and physical problems limiting your ability to live life to the fullest?
  • Do you want more control over how you handle change and stressful situations?
  • Would you like to develop more self-confidence and motivation in any aspect of your life?
  • Do you want to learn how to communicate more elegantly, effectively and persuasively?

If you could re-awaken the wonderful gift you hold within yourself
– the power to be the BEST you can be –

but without any fears or limits, how different would your life be?



It is my hope that by working together with me, as your catalyst and guide, you will realise that:

  • you are currently only tapping into a very small part of what you are TRULY capable of doing, achieving, being, every single day
  • you already have everything you need to express the best version of you but you may need some help with accessing this
  • you are destined to live a happier, more meaningful and successful life


Let's connect & explore the ReAwakening Pathways that might be in alignment with you.  


I am so looking forward to working with you on your ReAwakening journey.  


It's time for you to let your magic begin!


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