~ change is in your hands ~
~ change is in your hands ~

A little background...


My name is Belinda Pestana

and I'm the founder of 

The ReAwakening Centre  



This is a little story about me and how I found myself on this path, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say, how this path found me!  


Having spent almost 10 years in the corporate world in London, UK, as a change communications consultant for international companies such as KPMG, Barclays, Aviva, Reuters, Schroders etc, my passion for helping leaders and their employees through the process of transformation inspired me to start working more with people on a personal basis, to help them to achieve the individual changes they desired in their own lives. 


Once I realised this was an area that I wanted to focus on, I found myself experiencing some serious synchronicity!!!   From being guided to learning Reiki from a Japanese teacher, (we had an interpreter as he didn’t speak English!)...to learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming from its co-founder, who not only happened to be visiting London at the time, but who was also co-incidentally (or not!) regarded as one of the world’s most effective and highly respected hypnotherapists...to working with the founder of the Association for Coaching...to training with the founder of Thought Field Therapy...to assisting one of the UK’s best-selling authors at his weight-loss seminars... to my first ever experience of learning Kinesiology...


It was just like having the best sushi belt circling around in front of me, with all these amazing training dishes available right under my nose...and all I had to do, was to choose which plate I wanted to experience...


And thus, my journey along this path began....


I set up my wellbeing practice at #1 Harley Street, London while still continuing to operate my change communications consultancy.  I soon realised how much I loved sharing knowledge and teaching, so I began to run personal development workshops on the weekends to help people with weight-loss, improving confidence, removing phobias and quitting smoking.  I even started training Neuro-Linguistic Programming!  Boy, was I busy, but I loved it! 


But I was missing the sunshine and I felt compelled to travel again and experience new cultures.  Having grown up in Johannesburg (Joburg!), South Africa, where I was originally born, and then having travelled extensively through Europe before living in London for 15 years, I decided to follow the sun and move from London to Sydney in 2008. 


It was at the first Mind Body Spirit festival I attended, that I found my feet walking my body to a particular aisle, and what followed was simply destiny leading me further down my pathway to learning more about Kinesiology.


I’ve since opened the ReAwakening Centre in Manly, a suburb in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  This space is based on my Philosophy about helping people to re-awaken the powerful, inner potential they may not realise they already have, so that they can become the BEST person they are capable of being, and start living a happier, more meaningful and successful life!    


It’s been over 17 years since I started along my unique path.  I've had the amazing opportunity to train with some incredibly gifted teachers and practitioners.  


And do you know what I’ve learnt? 


There is this whole other World...

It's a World full of possibilities instead of impossibilities 

a World where your biggest and wildest dreams can be created and manifested

a World where self-love and hope can exist so you can transform, heal and be empowered

a World where you can discover your true, magnificent self, your unique purpose

and experience a life filled with joy, love, meaning and happiness...


I have also learnt that this World does not exist outside of me, 

for it is simply WITHIN me


Now, I would like the opportunity to help you discover this World for yourself, so that you can become the BEST person you are capable of being!  If there is any aspect of your life that you'd like to change, I look forward to being your guide & catalyst on your ReAwakening journey.


Please take a moment to read the lovely Testimonials I’m very humbled and grateful to have received from clients, students and workshop attendees.


You can also find out more about my qualifications by looking at Credentials.  


I look forward to connecting and working together with you




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