~ change is in your hands ~
~ change is in your hands ~

Some feedback shared with gratitude...

“I honour the place in you in which the entire Universe resides.  I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.  And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One” ~ Namaste



"Just to let you know that I am a new woman after your session.  Forever grateful that I followed my gut instinct & called you.  So thanks so very much"  ~ Adele M ~




"Thanks so much for your help last week, the session definitely calmed me down and I think it helped bring me back to the real me! What an interesting process, and how things can change"  ~ Amanda B ~ 

"The session with Belinda helped to extract positive thoughts and enhance my self-belief"  
~ Caroline B ~
"Today has given me a boost for my future.  I'm not focusing on the whole staircase...I'm taking one step at a time"  
~ Fran M ~


“Belinda, you are a wonderful warm person, passionate and honest, your techniques are so helpful, interesting enough I saw a mirror of myself, I feel as if someone new and positive has stepped into me, which is a great feeling and it feels right!  Thank you for caring so much!”  

~ Loraine M ~


"I had so many emotional issues and after just one session, I became much stronger and a more confident person. You have helped me in so many ways; I have got rid of so many bad eating habits and negative thinking. Now step by step I am changing my life to achieve what I want. Thank you so much”  
~ Petra C ~


"I was really impressed!  I found the 'tapping' techniques really soothing and comforting and the visualisation really energising.  
I'm so glad I came"
Siobhan N ~
“I was amazed at how much I learned.  I have got rid of issues that I was carrying around with me for many years!  I am so looking forward to a positive year ahead” 
~ Shaun N ~
"It was very inspirational and the techniques were very useful"
Gwen M ~
"Really interesting, incredibly inspiring.  I now feel empowered and confident that I will never smoke again" 
Leah H ~


"An extremely emotionally and physically empowering session" 
~ Dorothy G ~


"Thank You so much for another fantastic, life-changing session!  Really appreciate your beautiful healing.  Thanks again"

~ Tricia O ~


“This has changed the way I see my past and has given me a light to see a bright future and one I know will only get brighter. Thank you for letting me know I have arrived at this great port in my life” 
~ Moray M ~



“Thank you for a positive and empowering session. As someone who was a sceptic, my mind has become ever more open and you have given me another step in that process. I look forward to seeing how your suggestions
develop over time”
~ Mark B ~
"Fantastic seminar!  You helped me to really discover my skills, business and personality. It was like opening a book I can now see what makes me ‘tick’ both positive and negative.  It has made me feel so enthusiastic about my future – thank you!  Brilliant!”  ~ Graham S ~
"As the seminar progressed, I must admit that it all seemed - believe it or not?! - better than the 4 days I spent with Tony Robbins on his 'unleash the Giant within'!"  
~ Lynden N ~


“Thank goodness for honesty and knowledge which you have in abundance. I know what I have to do and look forward to a new life, thank you!”  ~ Sylvie M ~


“I am now motivated to see and experience my wonderful future.  I have released my burdens and have started on my path of success. Thank you for a wonderful seminar, full of energy”  ~ Tom R ~

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