~ change is in your hands ~
~ change is in your hands ~

Change your life in 2 days

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life” ~ William James


Are you ready to open up your mind to the fascinating world of new possibilities available to you?  



Join us for this mind-altering 2 day transformational journey of learning how to unlock your true potential & take control of your life



  • enhance your personal effectiveness through basic NLP principles
  • change unwanted beliefs to discover a more empowering future
  • recognise and break limiting habits & patterns, replacing them with new and positive ones
  • communicate in ways that others find compelling and easy to understand
  • handle change and deal with stressful situations or ‘difficult’ people more easily 


"Fantastic workshop!  You helped me to really discover my skills, business and personality. It was like opening a book I can now see what makes me ‘tick’ both positive and negative.  It has made me feel so enthusiastic about my future – thank you!  Brilliant!” ~ Graham S


“Belinda, you are a wonderful warm person, passionate and honest, your techniques are so helpful.  Interestingly enough I saw a mirror of myself, I feel as if someone new and positive has stepped into me, which is a great feeling and it  feels right!  Thank you for caring so much!”  ~ Loraine M


"Great inspirations and very useful techniques that actually work!” ~ Urska GM



If you’re 16 years or over and you’re

  • wanting to learn more about how to be the best version of yourself,
  • needing to make some changes to a specific area of your life
  • requiring some clarity around taking next steps or making key decisions
  • totally fed up with patterns, behaviours or thoughts limiting your success





Well, the learning you embed from this workshop doesn’t get forgotten once you leave!   This is when you’ll get to enjoy (yes enjoy!) practising and integrating the simple transformational techniques you’ve learnt because they have already been installed.  You’ll notice that changing your life can be easy and fun now that you have the right tools.  You will find that you are able to quickly tap into your resourceful mind in so many new ways you never thought possible. 


You will become a valuable member of the growing open-minded ReAwakening community which is all about making a meaningful difference in the world by living the best version of YOU.  If you need any specific support after the workshop, Belinda Pestana will be available to you as your wellbeing mentor


You will also have the opportunity to join the next breakthrough NLP Practitioner Certifcate training.  This is a 7 day accelerated learning adventure on how to achieve your true potential & redesign your life for success.




Our NLP training will not only take your life, career and relationships to a completely different level of success, it will also open up the pathway for you to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of your partner, children, family members, friends, business colleagues, peers and clients.


Key Reasons for choosing our NLP Training 


1)  We know how to teach NLP because we’ve been trained by the best

Your qualified and experienced NLP Trainer, Belinda Pestana, comes highly recommended, having trained personally with Dr. Richard Bandler, the actual co-creator of NLP, John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill, international bestselling authors and Master NLP trainers.  She is one of the few authorised NLP trainers in Australia to provide NLP Certifications signed personally by Dr. Richard Bandler. 


This means you’ll be learning NLP with Belinda in an accelerated, interactive, experiential yet fun and expansive way - the way in which it is meant to be taught!  


2)  Our NLP Certification is internationally recognised and personally endorsed by the actual co-founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler

You may already be aware that a professional NLP qualification is now recognised in businesses as an important personal development training avenue for employees, managers and senior executives to greatly enhance and improve their communication and leadership skills.  It is also recognised in the wellness industry as one of the leading qualifications for health practitioners wanting to make a meaningful difference with others. 


When you take the next step with us, you will qualify with one of the FEW internationally recognised NLP Certificates in Australia that is personally signed by Dr. Bandler PLUS free membership to the International Society of NLP. 


3)  We make it FUN so you'll learn quickly and easily access your knowledge!

Unlike most of the other NLP trainings currently available, you will not need to read multiple books or listen to countless CDs or MP3’s prior to attending this course...OR even during this course!  Your NLP training is experiential so you will learn as you go – that is what NLP is really about!  



None - other than bringing an open mind!




Current dates being finalised for 2024
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 Normal $500 | Concessions $400 | ReAttendance $300 |


Payment in full is required prior to the course but payment plans can be offered under special circumstances.  Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions.




This workshop fills up quickly so please BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment

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Any information or training provided in this workshop is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for proper medical or psychological treatment.  It is not intended to replace medical and health advice offered by doctors and health professionals.  If delegates suspect or know that they are suffering from any physical or psychological ailment or conditions, then they will seek appropriate medical or psychological treatment before attending this workshop.  

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