~ change is in your hands ~
~ change is in your hands ~

Frequently Asked Questions...

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are” ~ Unknown


Here are some frequently asked questions about how your GROW session might flow:


A GROW session is just a pathway of face-to-face or online sessions developed with a general theme, but customised to meet your individual needs.  This is because the outcome you desire will be unique to YOU.  A wholistic mind-body-spirit approach is also woven through your tailored session to encourage personal empowerment and self-responsibility.   


Even after just one session, you will experience a conscious change and also have access to new, self-empowering tools that can easily be applied by you in your daily life.  



As a guideline, your initial session will usually take between 1.5- 2 hours. This normally involves about a 30 minute discussion about you, your current situation and what you would like to achieve.  The remaining time is focused on achieving a jointly agreed outcome applying a combination of powerful techniques


A confidential client questionnaire will be emailed you prior to your session for completion.  This is so that more time can be spent on creating change in your session, rather than on completing forms.  You can then just bring your completed form with you to your face-to-face session, or email it back before your online session.  Remember if there’s anything on there that you’re unclear about, it can always be left blank & discussed at your session.


To get the most out of your experience, it is recommended that you allow 1-2 hours of ‘quiet’ time after your session if possible.  This is to help with your reflection and integration process.    


If your session is face-to-face, please feel free to wear comfortable, loose clothing (trousers or shorts for women are suggested rather than skirts or dresses).  If you'd prefer to remove your shoes, it’s probably best to bring along some socks too.



In a GROW session, several powerful techniques may be used to Re-Awaken your inner potential and attain your desired outcomes.  These include: 


You will be asked to follow-up after a week (no charge) either by email or phonecall to have a brief 15 minute discussion on how you're doing.  This helps with the assessment process as to whether more sessions may be required.  Follow-up sessions are usually between 1 to 1.5 hours long, depending on what is required. They serve as an opportunity to keep your growth momentum going so you can continue the expansive journey of becoming the BEST version of you!



If you are still unsure about how your GROW session might flow,  you are invited to book a mini-intro session for 30 minutes instead.  This will provide a brief introduction to some of the benefits of booking in for the ReAwakening GROW experience.  



Perhaps you have more than one area you'd like support with and so none of the GROW sessions outlined are what you had in mind.   If this is the case, please feel free to discuss your specific requirements further either by booking in for a FREE 15 minute consultation or get in touch



Please refer to the Investment section for an outline of investment options, bundle packages, payment plans for the relevant GROW session uniquely tailored for you.  It’s important for you to be clear about Terms & Conditions too before booking in



Experiencing a GROW session is simply one ReAwakening pathway offered to becoming the BEST version of you.  Breakthrough Programs designed to accelerate conscious awareness & spiritual wellbeing are available as part of the ReAwakening EVOLVE pathway.  Or perhaps you’d like to explore the ReAwakening TRANSFORM pathway where you can enrol in transformational personal development workshops or certified training programs



There is an online booking system available that you can access to get real time availability.  Please have a look at the Booking Online page if you're unsure as to what to choose.  Alternatively you are most welcome to either email Belinda directly on info@ReAwakening.me or to send an enquiry via the Contact Form provided.   

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