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~ change is in your hands ~

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“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety” ~ Abraham Maslow



Holistic Face-to-face or online sessions tailored to meet your individual needs


Here is an outline of some of the holistic face-to-face or online wellbeing sessions you are invited to book in for.   If you’re curious about how these sessions might flow, you can check out the FAQs section. 


Wellbeing Options

Stress Less

Given the known impact negative stress has on our overall health and wellbeing, this session is about helping you to understand how your body responds to stress using the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) model developed by Dr. Hans Seyle (known as the Father of Stress)  Once your stress response triggers, patterns and instinctive behaviours are consciously identified, you will be able to minimise or resolve these for optimal wellbeing 


Optimal Vitality

This session is focused on exploring how you might implement a healthier, more-balanced lifestyle. This might include supporting you with achieving desired outcomes like losing weight, giving up an unhealthy habit or addiction such as smoking, drinking (or even having too much of a sweet tooth!)  It can also involve assisting you through a chronic illness or autoimmune disease, to help increase your energy and vitality on a daily basis


EMF Resilience

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)—also referred to as "radiation"—are invisible areas of energy that are produced by electricity. Common sources include power lines, mobile phones and microwaves.  Understanding the range of different Electro-Magnetic Frequencies and how they may impact your whole body (especially your energetic fields) is the key focus of this session.  Several strategies and tools will be offered (no tinfoil hats I promise!) to help you minimise the negative impact of these external environmental stresses so that you can develop a more natural resilience to living with these in a less sensitive and more harmonious way


Happy Hormones

Hormones are those very important chemical messengers in the body.  During certain phases of our lives, such as puberty, adolescence, pregnancy, menopause or andropause, certain hormones might need some extra support to work harmoniously with the body.  This session is about balancing hormonal stresses involved with acne, PMS, mood swings, angry outbursts, hot flushes, energy crashes, thyroid and blood sugar imbalances, disruptive sleep or even getting ‘hangry.’   It may also help with enhancing fertility and maintaining a healthier pregnancy.



Mental Re-Patterning Options

F.E.A.R Repatterning

Many of us understand FEAR as a vital (and also unpleasant!) emotion in response to a perceived threat or danger to our very survival.   While it may be really unconscious, a fear response is usually the underlying factor in anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma or even an irrational phobia.  This session is about repatterning the energy of FEAR that may be held in your physical, emotional, mental or energetic being.  It’s really about changing your perception of FEAR to False Emotions Appearing Real so that you’ll be happy to Face Everything And Rejoice!


Phobia Freedom

Find yourself having a persistent, yet almost irrational. anxiety response about a certain situation or particular object or animal…you may have a type of Phobia.  This session is focused on identifying and then minimising the trigger that may be involved in causing your Phobia by using specific NLP and TFT techniques.  If you want to change your initial reaction to feeling less anxiety and experience a calmer, more neutral attitude, this session is for you!  PS I've worked with all sorts - spiders, heights, spaces, needles, flying and public speaking...to name a few...


Emotional Expression Options


Our e-motions are simply energy in motion!   The substantial impact of emotions or feelings on our thought process and overall wellbeing is becoming more widely understood through a new science called Psychoneuroimmunology - the link between how our thoughts & emotions impact our physical body & immune system.  If you’d like to enhance your emotional intelligence or resilience, gain more conscious awareness around how you might be feeling, expressing (or even suppressing!) and then integrating these emotions in certain areas of your life, this would be a great session for you! 




The Love Connection

Relationships can be the most meaningful parts of people’s lives.  Creating a good relationship takes commitment, compromise, forgiveness and most of all - effort.  This session is about understanding how to bring more love into your life.  Perhaps you’ve noticed you might be pushing other people away, or feel that you keep attracting abusive or toxic relationships.  Maybe the current relationship you’re in is no longer meaningful or you’re struggling to keep close or extended family relationships harmonious.  This session is available for individuals, couples, parents, children...pretty much anyone who would like to experience a profound shift in their relationship with love in their lives! 


Self-Discovery Options

Who am I?

Often the perception we have about who we truly are is very different to who we think we should be, could be, ought to be (sound familiar!)  This session is about helping you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.  We’ll be exploring differences between your Self-Image (how you think others perceive you, how you think you should be perceived), your Self-Worth or Self-Identity (the person you think you are in comparison to your self-image) and your True Self (your actual true soul nature or essence). This session is a great stepping stone before embarking on the Soul Goals ~ or  ReAwakening ME ~ breakthrough programs


Me UnLimited

This session is about exploring the light and shadow role of your Saboteur archetype.  If you’re not familiar with the Saboteur concept, it’s really about unconscious programs that have been learnt to undermine or sabotage your overall wellbeing or success.  The good news is that once you have more conscious awareness of these, you can learn how to unlearn them and create new programs to become the best version of you!  A great starter session before embarking on the breakthrough program ~ ReAwakening ME ~  




Energy Balancing Options

ChaKra Profiling

A mystical session where you can begin to gain awareness of your main energic system, often referred to as the Chakra, or Rainbow body.  As Chakras are holistically linked across the mind-body-spirit, any imbalances or blockages can directly impact your overall wellbeing.  The focus of this session is to explore and understand any Yin/Yang or Under/Over Energy imbalances.  This is a wonderful introduction before embarking on the breakthrough program ~ Chakra Rebalancing ~   which can help to rebalance key Chakras to align your life with love & optimal wellbeing.



Light Body Balancing

Your Light Body or Aura is referring to the invisible energy field that surrounds all living things.  It consists of 7 auric layers, also known as bodies or planes, and each one represents something different.   Aura’s also have different colours which can be interpreted to give you a sense of your personality, inclinations, and patterns.  This interactive session will enable you to gain more awareness around what these different auric layers are, how they may be impacting on your ability to engage with your inner self and external environment, and whether any energetic cleansing may be required to optimise them.




Whatever your wellbeing need, there will always be a session available to help and support you so please feel free to get in touch if you’re unsure which one to pick or if there's another aspect that you'd prefer support with. 


You are also most welcome to book in for a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss any of your queries. 


You might want to explore the EVOLVE and TRANSFORM pathways.  


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The information on this website is not intended to replace medical and health advice offered by doctors and health professionals.  Belinda Pestana makes no representations or warranties with respect to any treatment, action, or preparation by any person following the information offered or provided throughout this website.  

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